Paladin and Warrior

Please make paladin and warriors more playable. For example while people grinding RB, they dont need any paladin. They dont need provoke from warrior or banner from paladin. They just run from point to another point while grind RB or EXP.

Please fix this problem. I wanna play paladin but i cant.

For example paladin banners on their back and their banner buff area move with paladins or bigger skill (whirlwind and provoke) area for warriors.

These are just my opinion but i feel like paladins and warriors can be better than current position.


Yea thats true. Peoples dont want to play Paladins and Warrior, Pls help for that. I want running with my banners because peoples dont stay on the way. HELP Alkanov

Thanks for our input guys.

We already know this problem and we will try to address it with the introduction of the new difficulties, it will be hard to train over there without paladin or warriors.
Also we improved a lot both classes with the last balance patch.
When new areas will be introduced also this classes gonna get better.
Plus we will add a lot of mob spawns and crowdy areas so warrior and paladin could farm mobs better.

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And I really like ideas especially the banner carrying suggestion, it could/would be really nice as support classe that paladins are.

i love this!
Iā€™m counting the hours for this update!

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Nice. Iam agree with that.