Opinion about Santa Event

I am sorry about my discontent. Just giving my view, nothing personal.
i want to say, that this event is worst i have ever seen in games.
idea is good. but its realized badly.

  1. when i discovered Santa in the chat players asked tons of questions about the event and got 0 answers, Santa was talking about own …
  2. havent been told earlier that event will be on random server. only after the first one have finished.
  3. Random TIME - Random SERVER - Random Place.
    this event is absolutely not beginners friendly.
    i am upset because Christmas is coming and i think there could be much better events.
    This is not serious approach.
    i feel this event causes more anger to players than happiness. Specially for beginners.
    **Posting ADMIN items in global chat is not acceptable for project like this also.
    Finally i want just mention that this is my view and some can not accept it, thats fine but i hope this review can be helpful for the future.
    (Thank you for god game and keep going!)
    Balance is best and a lot ppl like this game and enjoy! Thanks :slight_smile:
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i argee. they could add some information about event when entering the game on left (news board?) that would help much to newbies.
because yeah nobody answering if someone asking about even or santa

The event can be good as it is, the game is small, if not in random places it would be very easy, or the prize is very good so it can’t be easy.

Yeah i agreed i dont even know that theres an event … i think only the old players knows that and has a group on discord … much better IF THERES EVENT MUST SEE OR IT APPEARS IN SYSTEM OR GLOBAL CHAT ROOM in the GAME so all player online can participate in the event… thnx … be fair to new players that love the game it is