(Oct 31) Jewel Storm Event!

I’m doing a market surge of Upgrade Jewels on Halloween. It’s gonna be big! I will be selling jewels cheap. Like, really cheap


A: 11k
B: 20k
C: 25k
D: 35k

I will also be doing arena bids on the same day.

Halloween fright fight: 1v1 battles for gold prizes! Both opponents must pm me before the ensuing fight and the winner of each battle wins 10k. Fight me and win a Jewel C!


Could you explain this a little better? You’re saving up jewels for Halloween. Do you plan to:

  • Have a giveaway?
  • Sell them real cheap?
  • Make yourself 3rd stage PK, load up on jewels and let players chase you down for the jewel drop?

If you want people interested, give them something to anticipate. I’m saving up jewels to sell them on the 31st doesn’t sound very interesting.

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Welcome and have fun!

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