Obtaining materials is absurd!

One of the items to get the Hunter box is Protected Leather

To get P.L. you must have 1,000,000 Ancient Lether that is removed from hunter items lvl 40-49. In the end I only get ONE RANDOM piece of hunter equipment. I have all this work and I can’t even choose the piece I want.

How many Hunter lvl 40-49 items do I need to be able to make this Protected Leather?

Look, it’s just one of the items needed to create the box.

I think its great. The fun is in the journey. Else you would max out in a couple of weeks, pvp for a while and that’s it, you would be bored.

I even understand that if it were easy and fast it wouldn’t be much fun, but it needed to be so difficult?
The worst thing is that after so much work to get the materials you don’t choose which item you want, it’s random

I must agree that it looks like you’d need several million low level kills to craft one random item. There’s grinding and then there’s the heat death of the universe before you get there. Hopefully I’ve got my, back of a cigarette packet, maths wrong.

One of the quests gives material for item crafting. And you need to finish that quest in less than 6h. But actually its not possible to do that because there is no chance to collect 200k gold from the ground only in 6hours. Played for 4hours and i even did not reach 50% of that. Alk says its possible to done it but actually its not with those drops like now. And he forgets that not everyone has a time to play the game for 6 hours nonstop in the day.

Looks like there is added random numbers in requiments without testing is it everything working fine in reallity or not.

Damn a lot dissapoiting with this update

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Its not suppose to be easy as this is the end game content the only elites or wealthy gold hoarders will get as you rb youll naturally collect most things you need!

I’ve got no desire for it to be easy, just that I can’t make the numbers add up.

I did a quick check on looking at the base level material for cloth. Killed 100 phase masks and soul talons in hard server and salvaged 6 cheap cloth from the drops.

Given that you appear to need 1 million (10 for each stage and 6 stages multiplying up) cheap cloth for one wadmal that would mean nearly 17m kills for 1 wadmal. 167m kills for 10 wadmal and crafting one random end game item.

At one kill a second (very ambitious but for illustration) that would take over 5 years of 24/7 solid play. Over a century to get a set.

I guess I’ve probably made a hideous mistake with the calculations; at least I hope I have but I can’t see obviously where.

I’m also aware that there may be drops of higher level cloth (bosses maybe?) that may circumvent the process but if my numbers are correct the route that involves actually crafting each level of cloth would take decades.

Hope I’m wrong and look forward to being corrected.

I havent looked that much into it but remember its a new update our developer will make adjustments as he sees issues. Nothing is set in stone the game is always evolving :slight_smile:

Completely agree; aiming to give feedback as against having a moan and get that Alk can’t address everything at once.

Thank you all for your constructive feedback.

I will increase the amount of materials you obtain from salvaging and cut by more than half some of the required materials so you require less low level materials and about the same of high tier materials (talking about cloth, metals, leathers and composites)

Hopefully this will help a bit.


Improved. Instead of gathering 1kk of materials to create the final 10 items, now you need 67,200 (if my calculations are not wrong) … I just hope that it is still not so exhausting

Dont forget that there is some materials which the only one way to get them is to finish some quests. And if you want to craft 100lvl item, you need to collect minimum 5kk gold (from the ground drops only) because of quests. I played 2days almost 10h tottally and it was so hard to collect 200k gold to finish 1 quest to get 1 material. Of course i can use gold drop bonus items, it will be much easer but i dont want to play with them everytime.

In my opinion, if you want to craft 100lvl item, you need months, and dont forget that this hard work is just for one random item.

1.5 is great update, but its not for me. I dont think i will be so active in the game like before. Too much stress from some quests now :upside_down_face:

Oooooh yeeeeaaaaah that certain quest… :joy::joy:

The pain… :weary:

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