Normal servers hanging for me

Whenever I try and play on normal servers the game hangs after 10 seconds. It’s been 2 months now. I tried different devices and different internet connections. Only the hard server works for me. My internet speed is great so that’s not the issue either. Is my account bugged?

Normal servers use UDP while hard servers use TCP.

So it all points towards an issue on your side not being able to handle an stable UDP connection.

Accounts are not linked at all with the way a connection is made, you must find the common factor between all your devices and connections, but I think either you are using the same device or the same connection.

Thanks for replying Alk. I don’t see a common factor. Perhaps it’s the country that I’m based in. Im not a techie so not sure how to go into detail to diagnose and fix the problem.

If a nightmare server comes up, would it likely be UDP or TCP?


It is hard to know for sure but since I usually use UDP on servers with loads of traffic I think Nightmare could end up using TCP as I dont expect many to use it…


Thay would be great, thanks Alk

Alk sorry, just another question, I have been reading up and I think I need to enable port forwarding on my router to allow a UDP connection to work smoothly. I understand each game has a specific range of port numbers to open. Could you please share it with me for Laurum? (All this is alien to me and I am learning as I go along so I hope this question makes sense.)

Hi there,

Port forwarding is used when the server needs to connect to you but in this case you are the one initiating the connection so you dont need it at all.

I think this might be a security/technical limitation in your router - or we might be totally wrong about this whole UDP/TCP thing; But to try this theory, download any VPN that allows you to configure it as TCP (VPNs usually use UDP) and then try login in to one of the normal servers and see how it goes

Thanks for these recommendation