[Newbie Guide and Explanations]

Hello everyone, i have stared playing the game and would like to give some tips advice and a small guide on how to do certain things. This will be updated overtime as updated roll out and maybe with screenshots if it gets decent exposure. My ingame name is solely so if you have any question feel free to ask. Lets get to it.

[Starting Off]
When you first enter Laurum online you will be faced with an instant choice of what class you would like to use. What is great about Laurum Online is you have the option to change the class to test them up until level 20! So dont be upset if u choose something and dont end up likeing it or if you just want to experiment.

Your stats can be located on the top right icon located here in the picture
[Reserved screenshot]
Here you can add stat point to help boost your hp, mana, defence , and more.

( reserved for class explinations )

[ Reserved Screenshot of starting Town ]

Here you can Accept Quest, sell and buy gear, enchant weapons, switch auguments ( will explain more later on ) , enter arena , devil square and much more to come!

Before we get started i would like to tell you partying with people with increase the xp you gain and material drops count for both players. Join a party to make quest faster and level faster. I would first spend the time choosing your preferred class as you will level pretty fast and get penalized for changing pass level 20 ( level reduction penalty )

[Your First Area]

[Reserve ScreenShot]
The first place you will be training and hopefully completeing those quest you grabbed ! ( they are EXTREMELTY important to level and gain cash ) will be snakes and bees right below the bridge of the town. Here i would recommend getting to atleast level 10 experimenting with the classes and finding the one that suits you. Continue to move east and then south to proceed to the next area, before moving on , GET QUEST i cant stress this enough on how important that extra xp and cash is!

[Mushroom Area] { Rec lvl 15 when first starting off }

[ Screenshot Reserved ]
When you enter this area of course the first thing you will want to do is get the quest. This time, the quest location will be west. Follow the fence south until u see an opening west and enter there and go up. The farmer will have a few available quest for you to take. Watch out for those pesky red mushrooms they are the melee ones and will do a good chunk of damage to you. After spending some time here and reaching about level 20, Go ahead and move along east along the road and you will find a staircase that goes north to a house with another quest for you to take.
This place is pretty difficult and should be ignored if you are playing solo mage or hunter. Continue along the dirt road and head to Ghost town.

[Ghost Town]
[Screenshot Reserved]
This place will be the first time this weird new axe icon will pop up on the right of your screen. Its pretty simple once you know what the colors mean, the color can be changed by clicking the skull. Red means PVP Active ( Can attack ANY player), Blue Means PVP Active ( Can Attack ONLY RED named players ) White means Neutral ( Cant attack any players ). I recommend keeping it white for now and will explain this later on.
When you get here you will want to of course, take the quest. The quest here can be obtained at the town unfortunately you will have to either A) walk back, B) Craft a scroll in the Crafting Menu or C) Die and get a small xp loss ( about 2%-5%ish ). The only new thing you will need to know about this place is the easy place to refill you potions. If you are on the road and follow it west, you will find a bridge to water elementals. Ignore the mobs for now and go over the bridge and as soon as you cross it you should see a small hut with a potion sign outside. This will be your best friend for the next 15-20 levels you will be gaining in this area.Another cool thing about this place is you can sell loot and dont have to travel back to town to do so. Remember, every 5 levels ( or an hour from when you accept a KILL quest and complete it. You’ll come to realize kill quest are repeatable) so just check back at town for some new quest and heck why not take a second and admire the beauty of the game.

[ Karma Pvp System ]

Anything about the karma system can be found on this wiki. The only thing it fails to tell you is the way to actually GAIN karma when you are red named. To Gain karma you can die to a player ( +50 karma ), Craft a Karma Potion ( Crafting Menu ), Kill a mob your level ( +1 Karma ).

[ Aug Transfer ]

At town you will find this guy that will offer a transfer of Augs to different equipment. By this i mean anything with a set bonus or color dot on it ( Lazurite, Sidearm, Gypsum for example ) can be transferred to different gear. Be wary that it you will only get a chance to have success and the percentage will be presented to you before you decide if you want to take the chance.

[ Upgrading Gear ]
As you kill mobs you will find these things called upgrade stones. These will increase the base stat of the irem. There is A,B,C,D

A will make gear lvl 0-15
B will make gear 16-50
C will make gear 51-200
D will make gear 201-500

The cost of these stones currently are as follows. A = 20k-30k, B = 45k-55k, C = 55k-65k, D = 50-60k

[ Training Stones ]

[ Reserved ]

If this guide has helped you please leave a comment below and tell me what you like most about the game! If this didnt help you in anyway then im sorry to waste your time, but please leave a comment on how i can improve my guide as i found it very difficult starting off!

( will edit more in when i have the time )


You can add links to the wiki pages if you like. It would give readers a way to expand on a concept.

Will do thanks for the tip. Any other advice feel free to throw it out there :slight_smile:

I am a new player and this guide was very helpful.