New role idea for Laurum

I have an idea for a new role. the new role is summoner.

this is some idea for the new role:

  1. Items
  • Main hand will be a summoner book
  • second hand will be a doll
  • Other items will be almost as same as the wizard items

2.the basics skill

  • Slimy Ally (Main Skill)
    This skill summon 2 slime that deals pdamage to any enemy in range for 5 seconds.

  • Warding Light (Main Skill)
    summon a light ball that fly around you for 5 seconds. Have 60% to hit enemy in range.

  • Doppelganger (secondary skill)
    summon a doppelganger of yourself that increase your Agi and Dex by 20% for 10 seconds. This skill have side effects that will reduce your health by 5% every second.

  • Minion Helper (secondary skill)
    Increase minion Pdamage and Mdamage by 10% for 2 second.


PDamage :orange_square: :orange_square: :orange_square:
MDamage :orange_square: :orange_square: :orange_square:
Range :green_square: :green_square: :green_square: :green_square:
:green_square: :green_square:
Speed :green_square: :green_square: :green_square: :green_square: :green_square: :green_square:
Crit. Chance :red_square:
Crit. Damage :orange_square: :orange_square: :orange_square:
PDefense :orange_square: :orange_square: :orange_square: :orange_square:
MDefense :orange_square: :orange_square: :orange_square: :orange_square:
Dodge Chance :green_square: :green_square: :green_square: :green_square: :green_square: :green_square:

I think this will be great idea because it will give more variety to the game. I hope admin read this…
(sorry for bad english)