New Key Binding for PC

Would it be possible to implement a new key bind for PC?

I was thinking having a button to open Pet menu would be nice.


We could and would be quite easy to implement it, but is it that necessary? I mean you will have to click after opening the pet menu anyway (on whatever you want to do with that pet)

It’s not necessary. I got into the habit of using a key to open and close pet menu on Bluestacks/Nox. It was pretty convenient when leveling after a rebirth.

When opening up the menu, I have to move my mouse and click as well. You could use this opportunity to implement key binding the other menu buttons as well if you do decide to implement more key bindings.

I don’t mind adding a key to open pet menu, the problem with each pet’s menu is that they could be different or have more options meaning more and more keybindings that maybe only 1% of PC players will use…

Added - I am thinking on binding this to P, any suggestions?

Thanks Alk!

P is a good key for the menu. I use mine on C, but that was due to another game that used C for their companion menu. I’ll just change it in the configs after implementation.