New class idea: Rogue

I’d like to suggest a new rogue class. Here is some proposed stats (might need balancing)

low-ish health and defences
average phys damage, low magic damage
very high attack speed and move speed
abysmal crit chance, maybe even zero (I’ll explain)
great crit damage

The rogue’s skills would be mainşy based around compensating for its low survivability and crit rate.

Invisibility cloak: Turns rogue invisible for non party members and makes the rogue unhittable. Attacking while cloak is active will deal a guarantee crit but also remove the cloak. The cloak lasts for 2-3 seconds. You can’t use other skills when cloaked.

Counter attack: The rogue will flash yellow for a short moment, and if he gets hit during the flash, he will dodge and stun the opponent. The opponent will take guarantee crit damage from the rogue whilst stunned. Be careful though, since the rogue will stun himself if he doesnt get hit, taking guarantee crit damage from everyone. the stun lasts for one attack, or 3 seconds if the stunned character is not attacked.

keep in mind that these example skills might need some balancing.

The rogue would have skills that synergise with each other and can be used together to be more useful (example: using a skill that can trap opponents and a skill that deals more damage to trapped foes). The rogue would also have skills to improve his own and others’ speed, and would get more loot from PvE enemies.

TL;DR: a fast class with low health, defence and crit rates that uses his skills to deal crits and dodge attacks; can use certain matching skills to get more use out of them, and also gets more loot from PvE. major balancing needed.