New boss proposal, revealing

I think a new boss should come to the game and this boss should be a private server. Boss health should be very high and the damage should also be high, a rumble should be set up to kill the boss (this group should not be pt, it should be a little bigger than pt) and if the boss is cut, 100lvl item pieces, for example, Kill coin, 10 items similar to this should be dropped and When the boss dies, it should be reborn in 24 hours, I am not saying create a new map, if only the entrance and the norm1 are connected to the server, enough can be placed in the place of the bridge. what do you think ? I hope I explained it right

I think I read right what your explaining is considered a world boss 1 spawn a day I could see issues because of multitude of time zones. But why would it need a private. I like these type of things but I don’t think it really fits into LO currently.

First of all, I would like to state that the game needs a new audience and exciting promotions, the arrival of the new boss adds flavor to the game and increases the trust and sharing between people, it is decided who needs what before the boss is cut 1 person decides who will get all the items and gives this to Alkanov, this may be Alkanov. Why do you think that the next boss in a day will not suit you, look at an old time of the game and a new time, they are change. The arrival and killing of the boss will both encourage people to play and to make 100lvl items that will drop from the boss. Also, the arrival of the boss and the opening of a new server would be good news, to promote the game to a larger audience. Although most players do not like the arrival of a new audience, a new audience means the further development of the game, get rid of this distorted thinking.

The boss could appear every 24-36 hours, on the serv hard, in some part of the map (it can be anywhere). The reward for killing him could be an item in level 100. It’s a good idea, it would bring a new challenge to players. I just didn’t understand this idea of ​​the private server.

The game in the private server adds a touch of air and the fact that it is special for the boss makes the environment more beautiful

Would the private server be only for those who pay?

If you mean money, never

Then explain what the difference is from this private server to others, who could join and how?

150lv can participate in this private server otherwise it would not have any meaning, unlike other servers, it will be exclusive to the boss and this server will allow you to set up a larger pt than the pt system in other servers in the future, so there is a need for a new monster and this beasts emerge in a crap. When the boss dies, he will fall backwards and open a cave, in this cave there will be the monsters I mentioned, the monster spawn time in the cave will be 100/120 (it can vary, but it will be more) and for the big pt, the stats will contract with the stone, the meaning of the special server I have explained to you. alkanov also sees and speaks his opinion …

1: Alkanov = Ahead
2: Alkanov = explains why it is not
3: Alkanov = Says that it will happen, but that it will not evolve clear history and what will change.