New accesory item "Perk"

Well the idea is not mine but wanna share it because I think it’s cool. Here we go:

You can equip only 1 perk

Perks are different:
•Perk of thunder 5% critical chance
•Perk of lighting 10% Critical damage
•Perk of speed 10% attack speed
•Perk of walk 10% mov speed
•Perk of strongness 15 Str Damage(not points)
•Perk of magic 15 Int Damage
•Perk of evasion 5% Dodge
… Etc

Or maybe we can equip 3 but not of the same type

*Perk of tankness 100 hp, 50 mdef, 50 def, requires lvl 90

It could be cool Like every class has one perk

Choose between 3

Warrior -
Perk of Strongness 25 STR Damage 1% Critical Damage 1% Critical Damage 1% Attack speed
Perk of Tankness 100 Health 20 Wis 50 Mdef 50 Def 1% Dodge
Perk of agility 10% Attack speed 10% Mov speed 10% Crit chance

Requires lvl 90

Or things like under 30% Health gain 10% HP Regen, it can be cool
Or under 30% +10% critical chance
Or mov speed like when you get too low instantly you become the flash

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you want to go back to the weaker even weaker they would turn paper and die at once

gimme “perk of fast learner” - 10% exp buff.

pretty pls

EDIT: now thinking properly, these perks could be a week buff to players that do the week quest. I know the current week quest isnt to much appealing to players and this could be an option

really for me it’s not at all attractive weekly mission but if it had more advantages would yes