Necessary change of warrior skills

Hello, good morning, afternoon or evening, the subject of this post is to suggest a change in some of the warrior’s unused skills such as Dismember or Arrow Deflect, those 2 skills are totally unused by players like me who like the warrior class, in general opinion of several current and active players who use the warrior character, we came to an agreement, We all agree that the warrior deserves a damage increasing skill such as the Magician character’s Concentration skill, For the 100% utilization of the boss pets and a balance in the 2 characters with the highest damage in the game, at this moment the only 2 characters that take advantage of the 100% of the buffs of the pets boss are Paladin and Mage, It is a bit unbalanced for hunters and warriors to use pet bosses and have the concentration buff without getting the damage buff from said skill. Thank you very much for your attention, I hope you understand the point and support the community, thank you very much, Att: Maadaraa


disember and arrow reflect is very useful to me, specially when im fighting xixono who is lvl 300, and im just rb 27, with the use of arrow deflect, xixono damage (archer) was significantly reduced, enabling me to fight him, + disember his damage become so low xD

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but i agree on boss pet should be useful on warrior too, dont add a warrior skill that increase pdamage stat, but add some skill in boss pet that increase pdamage

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I believe that there is no pdamage buff on the warrior precisely because the class has the highest damage of all 4 classes, if increasing more of the warrior’s damage will unbalance more than it is already unbalanced, but increasing the hunter’s damage I agree.

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Wizzard have same damage than Warrior, and Wizzard have skill what increase damage 25%, thats unbalanced

wizard may be a range class, but its health is very low making concentration a normal skill
warrior may be a melee class and has no physical damage buff, but with very high hp + hp buff making it a balance class, if warrior have hp buff and physical damage buff, it would be unbalance

Wizzard have Mana Shield + 17k HP lvl 300 + 11k maná cap WISDOM + dmg buff, it’s unbalanced xd

have mana shield, but still consume skill slot, unable to equip other skill for fight, still balance