Name in game: Sapfirx

Good evening, dear admins! I have a problem. I played your game and at one point they gave me a ban. I don’t understand the reason. I did not use any forbidden things and programs. You can remove the ban and explain the reason, please forgive me if I did something in the game against the rules, I did not know this. I would like to keep playing your wonderful game. Thank you ! Name in game: Sapfirx


U used ilegal bugs with Dejavu. Uping inside the wall

I haven’t done this for a long time, after I found out that it’s forbidden

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Hey admin, i lost this account in forum.
You can give an answer to this post, because a year will soon pass and this account will be permanently deleted. I still hope that it will be unbanned because the reason is not serious (but I will not repeat it)

@Zelp Remove all items and the level from account. And unban account

Enough time has already passed and it seems to me that he is not a bad player and he was banned not fairly, give him 1 more chance @Zelp @Alkanov

Hi Alk, can you spare 10 minutes of your time. I was a very active player in your game and I want to return to my friends. I got a wave of bans in May. And now 7 months have passed since the creation of my post on the forum and there is still no answer from you. (I understand this will not be fair to other users who also left a request, but I’m sure not one player is not waiting for this like me) I hope for your understanding and answer Alc
@Alkanov @Zelp

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