My acoount bugou

Hi Pecti,

I remember you telling me about this in game last night.

A few questions to ask:

  1. When did this happen?

  2. Are you registered through Google Play services?

  3. Have you tried switching classes or renaming your character?

Any and all additional information you can provide will help Alkanov with your situation.

Thank you,

I have fixed the issue, but please answer the questions above.


yes I changed class but it was no use my friend, my account is in front of priest appearing that died and does not return, as soon as I can solve so I can enjoy the event thank you.

so this happened when you changed class? It should be fixed now but I want to know how it happened the first time

no, it happened after I gave rb, I put rb and logged out the account I had to leave, when I came back and entered the account was buggy

I’m logged in us1 on priest, see her

Sorry I dont understand half of what you say.

Is it fixed now or not?

not yet bugged …not yet bugged

thank you my friend debuted here now