More Events, Ending Up and Workout Monotomy

The game needs more events so it doesn’t get boring anymore, thinking about that alq members think of three new events.
1st Event. In the PvP room each death would drop a new material item, (example: gathering 500 materials to craft a gem. Saturday and / or Sunday.

2nd Event. In a 5x5 GvG environment with three rooms with obstacles, guilds are born at the ends and go to the middle where they will have a flag (or structures to destroy), the first guild to take a flag to the base (or destroy structures) wins the game, It would also be feasible to make a winning guild points system, these points could be used to upgrade the guild lvl and add more members. The rewards for this event could be extra experience for all guild members for five days and / or more chance of monster items falling for all guild members for five days. Saturday and / or Sunday.

3rd Event. A very strong Boss to the point of needing 10 players in party to kill him, watching all players attacking the Boss for more than 3 minutes can collect Gold scattered on the floor only using his pet collector, also serious about dropping items with Three identical extras, perfect jewels and tickets to the party that draws the most blood from the monster, or just from party you will get the best items out of the scattered gold. Saturday and / or Sunday.


How would you tier this?

From what I see:

  1. the pvp room cannot be a sandbox, alq and ann would Duke it out and anyone trying to come in would get rekt. It would widen the gap currently experienced unless you rb blocked it, and even then itd be underutilized.

  2. a buff for winning sure, but again, you have to tier it or you end up with 1 or 2 guilds runaway, you also have to factor in the actual game world with those buffs which again spread the difference further what is trying to be stemmed. How do you make it fair for all?

  3. no. Again, widens the gap, the suggestions are just absurd to super power with gear, and even if you kicked this to world boss that’s the new uber… points at wow points at Celtic heros points at order and chaos points at toram points at world of magic world bosses and uber bosses never ever work.

Not a dev, just playing devil’s advocate here.

any suggestions can be modified, the suggestions are only for the ADM to know what the game needs, in case I think the game is good in terms of up and training, should be in events

Great idea, especially to have a Boss global with 72 hrs respaw and in this drop our perfect jewers + golds and some weapons + 100 random examples sword or staff or bow 100% droop chance

Also drop an exclusive pet but its droop chance would be only 25% chance, this Boss should have area dbuff and damage, a lot of Hp and Def and would need the help of many players to kill

In short there would be a big war to get the boss droop because to defeat it would need all but not all come together thus making a great war, giving more fun to the game. Note: this Boss appearing on your map shouting in the global chat warning that came up warning everyone on the server that he was born and that at least 15 players would need to defeat him!Global boss

I sincerely liked the idea, would serve to change the game because it is very monotonous

These ideas are good, but we can’t stop thinking about early, mid and late game players.

The idea of ​​pvp is very cool, but it would take a lot of programming in game and at least quintuple the amount of players to have something very sturdy …

This could be analyzed for these matches, something like the league of legends match manager, which balances the two teams according to their scores and gameplay.

GVG, this is the part that we all want to advance a lot, because that’s where team pvp really would be divine.

Well, I’m planning on making a suggestion about this soon, but it’s hard to analyze the following facts:

  • Guild Balance (Preventing one from becoming the owner of the game forever)
  • Totally vary from pvp de laurum, bring some different element to these wars.
  • That developers can put it into practice, and that players really enjoy it.

the super strong boss can be a cool idea, and give a “stuff” that you with a certain amount of money have in return.

But, you can only get in it 1 ~ 3 times a week, and while one PT is there, another can’t interfere.

Thus, everyone would have their chances, and that is nothing unequal.

I liked the idea, always to improve, is a good idea to use as a base, make a better idea even on top of that idea.

One idea I had right from the start was that, instead of capturing the flag, it would be much more interesting to destroy the enemy base to win, both teams would have to focus on both attack and defense and creating Strategies for winning, serious and very interesting and innovative for the game.

Concern about the number of players, is irrelevant, because if the game is not “growing” in number the way it is, we have to change to see the growth.

This is it, I hope I helped.

Great idea, congratulations on your friend effort.

Vlw irmão, laurum é um bom RPG só precisa de mais eventos para sair um pouco de up e treino que enjoa

Ugh. Wont work. World boss wont work. Shiney boss wont work. Hard shiney boss wont work. Hard shiney uber world boss who is loot fairy wont work.

Game needs content other than boss and grind.

100% against world boss. 100% against uber hard super ultra mega boss that gives super awesome mega ultra zomg loot. Wont fix issue and just cause bigger issue.

Guilds need a reason to exist, yes. Players also need something other than smash mob rebirth. Game doesnt need to go pvp focus, this is an rpg, not hearthstone.

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so of suggestion, I do not ghetto but up, train without but nothing to do, I no longer ghetto be in a guild and have nothing to do in it, LO is a great game but cares a lot just up, up, up