Mods hunter set leveo

Hi, I need help with my set, I want to make a solo set, or is a lvl 30 or lvl 50 set better? What mods would be convenient to not die so much? and which build is the most convenient since physical mobs kill me with two hits

Thanks for the info

Just words from me
It’s great to have sets for both level thirty and fifty too, especially in the long run of higher rebirths. Changing from thirty to fifty is of much lower duration than from fifty to a higher one, obviously… which gives you somewhat of a disadvantage unless the set has lots of exp bonuses (in case your next best set is level ninety); thus provided that you have two or three good item of every level afterward , to replace for the lower level set slowly before completely changing to the next best set, would be desirable.
If you die so much, it would be good to have lazuli as enchantment, don’t require too high percentage though, just make sure you gradually have higher health bar. For its companion, sapphire.
For mods, try to have combination of max hp bonuses for better health and hp on kill such that you’ll have a better advantage to not lose life too much. It’s probably good for you for now to try to reach the percent capacity which isn’t high.
Hey, about physical hits being too damaging for you, I assume you already keep putting your level points at pdef. Good, now I hope you also accompany it with a ring or necklace that gives the very physical defence you require. It’s not really about the build. Cause you see, one way or another you’ll find another disadvantage different from weak physical defence in the other ones. In case you’re already picky on your gears, an additional physical defence mod won’t be bad.
Another thing about that, when your damage is high enough, you won’t bother too much about the physical damage since you can kill them off before they could manage to hurt you. Str , pdef, being currently weak (?), mdef, better strength (?), distribution between that and sta, a status you can be proud of (?), shifting far away and putting to both dex and agi :joy::joy:
Summary- depends on your skills as a player. Hehe
If although you’re seeking convenience upon mere defences, Warrior , they prefer, and the challenging one with balanced defences, Paladin , I’d say.

Thanks for reading.