Minimum level to train stats

Hi again.

We are very appreciated with all your efforts on this game and on its fast and enjoyable improvements.

However, there’s something I’d like to discuss with you.

Few weeks ago, after 1.4.5 patch release, we are no longer able to train stats below level 100. I can understand your decision on this topic but in other hand, this decision could bring you some issues and undesirable complaints.

As we all know, we only have one hard server, which makes it a bit complicated to manage if everyone over 10rb starts playing there instead on normal servers. Why?

Well, taking in consideration that maps are going to be revamped and hopefully ice is going to be bigger than before, I think it will be kinda annoying having like 10/15 parties of 10 players each, on each corner of the map.

This being said, why cant players decide where they want to level up their stats? Some prefer to be on ice, some on treants and even some on skeletons. This will boost the flux of players all over the map. I feel that some spots in our current map are empty with barely no players grinding… Is it supposed to be everyone at ice?


  • more players all over the map;
  • no unnecessary mob conflicts between parties;
  • more items to drop, as ice only gives you jewels jewels and training stones;
  • newcomers will notice a very populated map instead of 50% empty and 50% super full;
  • guilds can monopolize a place without compromising the development of other guilds;
  • etc.

Thanks again!

Hope this topic maybe rise your attention :wink: