LVL 654?! What's the maximum lvl?

I thought the maximum lvl was 150, it is not the first time that I have seen another player with the lvl above 150 … I have seen lvl 350, 250, the record was this, 654.

There is no max level, up until few days ago it was a bug but we decided to let players do what they want and simply level up to the infinity and beyond or until something crashes and burn


Discouraging … If this is really true I stop playing now, it makes no sense to play a game that will never reach the limit of my status … That way makes RB and training a waste of time

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Are u for real or just joking?

100lvl + 14rb = 440 points on stat
654lvl + 0rb = 1962 points on stat

Thank you. I wasted a lot time for nothing.

And 654lvl + 14rb = ____ fill the gap

Well once update comes out youll find they wasted their time, seeing as they cant do any new content

Its unfortunate that you feel that way, but you could have done the same if you chose to.

3335.4 looks as he should start the grind now!

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A player who has 14 rb will not level as fast as one with 0 rb

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Like i said, they wont be able to do any of the new content, so whats the big deal? once you get all the new stuff and get to rb 25 you can lvl to 600+ also. youll get 100% bonus stats compared to a lvl 0. eventually they will hit a soft cap while you get stronger.

There is nothing stopping you from lvling up at rb14 or whatever rb you are now. i was able to get to 321 at rb 25 fairly easy so its doable.

I thought the lvl limit was 150 and this lvl 150+ bug was going to be corrected in version 1.5. But if not, a player at lvl 2000 outperforms any other player with 25 rbs and training at most.

well like i said they cant do new content. so you will always have the upper hand on them. youll be able to get the new gear, do the new quests, etc. they get to kill mobs like a nub and thats it. could always revoke access to new zone unless they do quest also. at the end of the day all they would have is lvls which eventually gets them no where as you progress more.

I understand that they will lose some things, but if there is no limit in the lvl, their status points will be unlimited …
The biggest problem I see in this lack of limit is never being able to reach the maximum of my status. What relieved me was knowing that the maximum lvl was 150, 25 rbs and 2000 lvls of training … but now I don’t know if it is better to continue training, rb or level up without stopping

The game is good, I liked the dynamics of the game … but this issue of lack of limits worries me, I don’t know if it’s worth keep playing

You just showed again that you doesnt care about balance in this game.
I am at 111lvl 14rb. Its a pretty hard right now to reach 150lvl. At 25rb i think it will be much more harder than now. And you said that at 25rb you easly reached 321lvl…

So what role training will do if you can easly and faster reach 1000lvl ant to be stronger without training?
I will not be suprised from now if you will change 3x 3xp item drop rate to get them easly

I understand that it doesn’t pay to level up lvl 150+ after having 25rb and that a guy at lvl 1000 will have 3000 points to distribute in the statuses, but the problem, since there’s no lvl limit, is the guy getting to lvl 2000+ … … Imagine, 2k in INT, 2k in STA and 2k in DEF … while a player takes 1 month to level up 500 lvl of training, this other guy takes the same time (or less) to level up 500 normal lvls. If you look at it that way, training becomes a waste of time.

That’s the biggest problem.
A player with 25 rb, training status all at most, and lvl 150+ and leveling up without lvl limit will be the biggest problem in the game, in my opinion. Think about it, a player who has just started will NEVER reach an older player unless that player stops playing or the beginner plays a lot more than he does each day. I lose hope of ever reaching and bumping into someone who already has 25 rbs and the most advanced training status, after all, as there is no lvl limit, older players will ALWAYS be in advantage.

What I defend is that if there is no lvl limit (just like there is in the rbs and training status) the game gets boring for those who started it now, since they will never be able to reach the top players.

Well you are saying that it is difficult to level above lvl 150 with 25 rbs … ok got it.

But players who want to level above lvl 150 with rb 0 go much further than those players who have 25 rb and training status at most, and in much less time.

A friend of mine said that he reached lvl 811 in less than 2 weeks. If he had continued at this pace he would have been at lvl 2000+ and would be much stronger than players who have been playing for more than 1 year. He just stopped doing it like that because he thought he was going to get banned.

Without limit on lvl, rb and training become a waste of time.

That guy he told me that he wants to enter in rythia portal level 9,000 so he pursue to get that level. Haha… I believe of his dedication in the game. And thats what we called a true player.