Lost item when transferring enchants

Good afternoon,

Unfortunately I lost my mana pot today at 17:21 GMT (portugal time zone) - US server

I had a mana potion +50 with 3 mods being two of them INT. I was trying to put mythical jade on it but I swapped the position of items and lost the one I didn’t want to lose…

Please, support me on this as soon as you can. I am deeply sorry for bothering you because of a mistake made by me.


Any update on this? Would like to know if I should start invest in a new one or if yo can recover it back to me.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @kuzoxi,

Unfortunately for you we have been very busy scaling servers and dealing with all the consequences of more people joining the game.

We dont have time to go through all the logs and revert your mistake. We wont be doing this for anyone anymore as it takes a lot of time and focus from what we are currently working on.