Looking for this Vertico Wiz guy

So this guy when a i was near portal ice was wrongfully accusing me that im using “auto clicker” and even said i was recored on YT as his proof!
So for the gm’s team as much i would to appeal that kindly check my account IGN Rumaes if i was using a third party app. At the time he told me that i was using an autoclicker app or bots. i know you guys can check my data base more power and gold bless. If his all alligations are not true he better pay me some gold for the damages he have done.

Lol jakbym dostawał złoto za każdym razem jak mnie ktoś oskarża to nie musiałbym grać.Co do Twojego stylu gry mam zastrzeżenia ponieważ stałeś w miejscu jak słup i tylko używałeś skilli.Wyglądało to jak jakiś autokliker.Nie unoś się tak bo jeszcze Ci sprężynka pęknie.Pozdrawiam Vertico

So that’s you’re play style then? wrongfully accusing someone without valid or reasonable proof? “it’s pay or shame” told yah before. So why not reply in english? btw i don’t need gold shame on you man.

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Lol, if I get gold every time someone accuses me, I wouldn’t have to play. As for your style of play, I have reservations because you were standing in place like a pole and only using skills. It looked like some autoclicer. Don’t float like that because your spring will break. Regards, Vertico

so what do you mean “it looked like auto clicker?” you didn’t have any reliable proof of what your accusing me :smiley: then you just jump to conclusion " oh this Rumaes is using autoclicker" LoL you’re buring man. don’t me your explanations are expontential

honestly with this post it sounds like your guilty. who cares what others think about you. If you have not done anything wrong then just move on and play.

Stop having a pissing competition in forum. this isnt the place.

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