Lock option on Reroll

Option to lock a reroll status, when locking a status you use double gold for each reroll, if the reroll costs 22,000 gold and you lock 1 status, it will cost 44,000 gold in the reroll, 2 status costs 66,000.

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while this sounds like a good idea, and uses in game currency avoiding pay to win… its too cheap.

22k for 3 slots if you want 3 of same its less than 1% chance to get what you want. With lock option you could bypass this by locking 2 so you only roll one slot for a 1/23 chance, then repeat with other slots to get what you want making it vastly easier. If you were to do an option like this id say something more expensive… 100k for 1 lock 300k for 2 lock.

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This breaks the rule of keeping things simple, also, if you can re-roll stuff to a point where you get 100% what you want this will kill trading as it would be cheaper to just re-roll it and you can get what you want.

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I agree alk =) but im not one to shoot an idea down entirely either… not only my game but everyone’s to enjoy heh. I just wanted to point out if this type of idea was considered it needs to have a steep cost… not something so cheap that you could do it within 4-5 rb’s and have full gear with perfect stats just cause the reroll was so cheap =)


Nowadays the trade chat is a little stopped, nobody sells equips, I prefer to pay expensive in reroll than to stay days in the trade, if someone drops a perfect item it will sell expensive, only to make the cost of lock the rerroll is bigger than to buy. no trade, to use as a last option, remembering that reroll is random, sometimes you have to use it many times

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while its true its random… it becomes a lot less random with lock. 23 options… if you lock 2 you have a 1/23 chance… then once you get it… you lock that one and a 2nd and again 1/23 till you get what you want… with no lock at all you look at less than 1% to get a trifecta item.

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What I wouldn’t mind seeing… and I don’t think its too crazy… isn’t so much a lock option… but a lock on certain augs. Specifically exp/item/gold (which currently cant be re-rolled.

I only mention this as a suggestion cause finding a 1/2/3x of those is already tedious, let alone trying to trade/buy is expensive cause of rarity, and getting that item with 1/2x (obviously a 3x you wouldn’t reroll anyway) and it has say int… but your hunter, or str and your pally.

If it was made so that those augs specifically are auto locked… and cost to reroll the remaining 1-2 stats is increased it wouldnt make it too much easier to get what your looking for… those are rare augs already, but least that 2x with int bow could be made a little more useful for say double/triple the reroll cost. And it wouldnt affect pvp gear as your not looking for those drop only augs on pvp so you’d still roll the normal low chances at normal price for that perfect piece. But to have an option to lock any given stat just makes it too easy imo to get the trifecta str/dex or w/e.

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Only 1 Lock in
Bouble price.
I think will be fine.
Cant get easily 3 STR items, but possible to get a bit easier 2 opt items like exp exp int … or …

This is a 4 months old topic dude, chill down on suggestions xD

But i like this idea too, lock only one stats, no others.

After you lock one, u cant unlock nevermore.