Level-indicated hunting locations being invaded by players? (long-standing bug)

Let’s start with the purpose of this post: to bring players back to the old fun of Laurum Online where everyone happily hunted in pts with their friends and didn’t have to be carried in pts with “lurers”.

We started with the principle that we have hunting places for all levels, and thanks to the mechanism to gain exp by maximum and minimum level of difference between the character and monster levels, all players need to go through the hunting places necessary to gain exp and evolve.

It can be problematic for some, but there are places that need a minimum level to transport to enter, but this is being useless because we can ask “pt” for a friend and use the teleportation scroll to enter the place with an inappropriate level for the character.

We have clear examples when we reached Lv70 and asked to party to our friends/allies/players and then enter the Death Watch hunting ground (we also have Rynthia Highlands). Both locations have a minimum entry requirement through the gate/portal, but can be easily bypassed.

In the caves there is a system where you expel the player from there when the buff time runs out. What if that same system was adhered to for this bug that lingered for years? “Only people who have Lv80 can enter the hunting ground of Death Watchs” would be the goal and ideal so that we could seek the environment we had within the game and gradually give final meaning to those who are starting.


still waiting for answers