Level 100 new set

Has anyone got the new level 100 set yet? If so, please tell us how

its almost impossible to get 1 100lvl item and you speaking about full 100lvl set…

No one has the level 100 set yet. Its going to take awhile as you need to collect a lot of mats to craft it.

Only one item was already good :wink:

This new set is just like the wind, we know it exists, but we will never see it ha ha ha :laughing:

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If it can be achieved but you have to put effort into it, and as the final items are not easy to obtain, but not impossible, for now I would focus on rebirting and having good training To be able to do the missions more easily, it is just what I do, greetings

To craft 100lvl weapon for warrior for example, i need to finish 5 complicated instruction quests and 12 magical scriptures quests. But the problem here is collect gold requiments in quests:
One quest asks to collect 2.75kk gold from the ground and another 1.25kk. And now count and tell me, how much gold in total you need to collect for those 2 materials, to craft one item? How much time you will spend for this?

And dont forget that its even hard to collect 200k and you need to spend hours for that. And also dont forget that you also need to do more actions like kill boss etc. to craft that weapon

I will not say that it should to be easey but this is actually too hard. Almost impossible.

I will suggest you better focus on 3x xp items below 100lvl, rings etc. with exp. But if you will try to craft final items than good luck :upside_down_face:

Collecting Gold is the easy part. The hard part is collecting the broken Enchanted Runes…Also some material in RH have a very low drop rate or low amount of mobs. The level 100 gear is meant to be hard to get and most players will never obtain it.

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Yeah i agree with this, gold is easy to obtain but corrupt item its hard to collect to get the material runes.

very2 long to finish quest 2.5kk gold. xd.

how to u get gold, fast? solo cave?