Let's revive Laurum!

Laurum is dead lol…no wonder why Alk asks for more online presence. =)

There are 2 keys to revive it.

Remove this new pvp system because it is shit.(I know some people who doesnt play anymore because this new pvp system, not xxx)

Unban Leyton and Mofo…I’m not fan of perma bans but for you the easiest way to remove a problem is to ban your loyal players…ffs man Alk you deserved it…it s your fault because you lost players.

I can show you some players who doesnt play because that pvp system sucks. And some players who arent xxx but doesnt play anymore because leyton and mofo got banned.

With your guild update you wont get players back. And in description of games says Open Pvp lol


I’ll wait for your answer haha =)

Well, the game is not dead but i have been seeing less people since the PK update…

The best way for me should be to remove the PK penalty of dropping an item and not gaining exp, but remove PK areas, so the unique PK areas will be the fire lich cave, observer, and ice area. (And the arenas).

So you cannot PK newbies(was the initial problem).

About the ban/unban, without comments, they sould be not unbanned, i’m sorry for them.

I can say that if you do a poll with all the players(not only the forum/discord ones) the option to remove the actual PK penalties will dissappear.
There is no reason to grind at all, because you will be stronger, for nothing.

Also everyone is spamming and buying only exp equipment, the other equipment is trash right now.
Some ppl got their equipment pk +16 and left the game because the update, i can say that too.

The final solution for me: (A mix of the proposed one and the actual system)
You can PK everywhere with penalties, but if you PK in ice, fire lich cave and observer, you will not get penalties.

Whats your point here? Are you suggesting we dont have open pvp? Maybe point out how scared you are from dropping gear instead.

Thanks for your input.

I will think about this and post a possible solution to the PK drop situation, possibly make it based on karma > X rather than PK stage only. There is no way why a PK should have 10k karma or more if there aren’t any consequences.

We can open another post for the current “all other mods aside EXP are trash” situation and debate how to fix it.

It’s difficult to have everyone happy, with every update always be someone who will be mad about something. But we can have a mix of both worlds in every situation.

There is a bunch of problems that can be easily fixed, as I said in other thread in a game you have two focuses:
One is have more people.
The second one is that these people and the ones who was playing before that not drop the game.

In order to achieve that you must need to satisfy two groups of people, the ones who wanna have fun and kill time(doing quest, killing mobs, having friends), and the ones who loves competitions(in terms of lvl/leaderboard or pvp).

1-For that the quest system must be reworked a bit with some of the ideas that were discussed in the other thread. This will help a lot.

2-Another good point to work is the PVP/Penalties, some people do not wanna get killed and is frustrating in low lvls, on the other hand some people like to lvl up be stronger and go to kill someone to have some fun or because someone was pissing you off killing your mobs in your face or something like that.
For fix that I do not see best solution than having only PK areas in High Lvl and dangerous zones that I mentioned.

I dont see any point to have PK in low lvl areas, and with the penalties will not fix the killing noobs problem, because there is some guys killing in ghost time to time, is not difficult to reach lvl 40 and be there with and alt account to kill everyone to have fun and piss of the other players.

With this approach you have the best of two world, a free pvp system without penalties in PK areas, only negative or positive karma, and may be the penaltie should be a bit symbolic like dropping a little more gold and earning less money from the drops for example, or for every 1K karma you do less damage, or whatever, but not dropping items, for the type of players we have this is too hardcore.
Or if you are PK you can get attacked in every area, does not matter if it’s open PVP or not open PVP, you cannot defend.

If you have the correct balance here with benefits and cons you will have a group of people who will love to be “the police ones” and the ones to love to be “the bad ones”. I played some games with two sides, the bad and the good ones, and every side has their pro and cons, so there were a lot of ppl being police ones, and others being the criminals.

3-Later of that you can think about a pvp balance and guild system, in order to achieve some fun PVP, and with this balance and the point 2 being fixed may be the problem with items will be solved because every one will have an equipment for killing people/guild wars, and other for killing mobs.

Sorry for being too long… these are ideas and should be polished, is not to get all literal(especially the part of the penalties).

Lol nice answer @Alkanov

I understand all of this but what I don’t get is how most players don’t understand that PKing another player must have consequences - you are disrupting the normal gameplay by killing someone.

What if you don’t like PVP? What if all you want is to grind and grind and have fun with PVE? Or what if you are new to Ice map and get killed 10 times by a noob like @Gaby? Will that help with the new influx of players? Dont you think this last bit goes against what you are proposing?

Every single PVP player I’ve had a chat with like @Gaby want to PK and not have any penalties at all, not exp nor gold… Item drop was the last thing they wanted of course.

Removing PVP from low area levels is not what we want either, what if you are level 40 and want to pvp another level 40? You should be able to do so, that is why the only real protection we have is the new karma formula.

So far all I see as a solution for the casual PVP players that “left” (altho I don’t see that in the server statistics) is to apply the item drop rule only when you have a lot of negative karma, say -6k or more. This could allow the typical high rb bully to PK everyone they want as long as they are on the same or close level, with the only risk of loosing gold and exp.


For me sounds good

If you are too high karma you will have the option to loss equipment
Also you mantain every pvp area as now, so if you are 150 and kill one lvl 25 in ghost you will have a lot of negative karma and will drop something.

The fun about pvp is that you are doing ice doing and some guy comes to kill you, so you call your guild or friends in party and go to kick her ass…

Also if there is “fights” between guilds for example ANN vs XXX(random example) when someone sees the ANNs in ice partying, the whole XXX will go to try to kill em all…

As i said, you must find the correct balance between having normal PVE players and pvp players happy…
Not easy.

The idea is to have some eventually PVP and PKS, and not the bullies ones that only do PK everywhere and everyone. FOr that one you pay the price.

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You can still pk you just gotta deal with the consequence,

Also I don’t know why you keep asking alk to unban mofo and leyton…