Laurum Online Rules

Seeing as a bunch of you dont like using discord, the below listed are our rules.

This is the official server for Laurum Online.
We want you to enjoy the game and any environment associated with it, as such there are simple guidelines to encourage a fun and safe adventure.

These rules have been put in place for you to follow. If you break these rules you will be punished.

.1 - Botting or use of Third Party Software
.2 - Real World Trading for in game items or currency
.3 - Advertisements for sites not associated with Laurum Online
.4 - Impersonating a Staff member
.5 - Discrimination/Racism
.6 - Revealing Personal information
.7 - Spam
.8 - DDOS, death or malicious threats
.9 - Gambling/Player run events with buy ins
.10 - Exploiting a bug
.11 - Using multiple accounts to level/gain an advantage.
.12 - /roll events are not allowed in any channel other than private channels. Use /Join [insertname] to make your own channel

.1 - Don’t ping people - staff or otherwise - for no reason. Especially Alkanov
.2 - Absolutely no discriminatory or derogatory text directed at a player for race,gender,religion or political stance
.3 - No third party links/ server invites / referral links / etc. allowed in chat, ever
.4 - No selling or trading accounts for any and all third party currency or items
.5 - No spam
.6 - Please use the appropriate channels. example: no guild recruitment in english
.7 - Revealing Personal information
.8 - Impersonating a Staff member
.9 - Please do not ask for personal information from staff or discord users.
.10 - Nothing that is NSFW
.11 - Do no play NSFW Sounds / Music in voice chat

Violations will at first be met with warnings, with more severe actions taken against repeated violators. The above rules are indicative but not inclusive of all rules applied here. Moderators and administrators will have the last word and can act at their discretion.