Karma system balance

I have a proposal to rebalance the karma system and introduce a fixed amount of karma received depending on who you kill (neutral, hero)
For example, if you are a player with negative karma, then for killing a hero you should receive more than for killing a neutral player, just as if you are a player with positive karma for killing a neutral player you should lose less karma than for killing a hero
And what would it be in fixed numbers

This idea came to my mind after leaving the arena today, I forgot to switch the skull and accidentally killed the player, and my karma did not decrease, but became negative, and in my opinion it is not logical to lost everything for one murder -_-
By the way, my karma today was 40,000 (that’s about 800 Player killer kills) and after just one kill my karma became -250 …
After this, i no longer want to be interested in the karma system, because it loses all logic, and therefore I ask you to rebalance it

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si deben de arreglar eso :frowning: porque no te puedes defender si otro jugador neutral te ataca debes de dejar que te mate para que el se pongan en rojo y ya poderlo atacar a si pierde la gracia del karma y pvp

I have 10k+ Positive karma pts too. Then i accendentally killed someone then poof! instant negative karma -250 i mean all my positive 10k karma pts gone and then turn into -250 negative sad

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Não é só isso que esta desequilibrado no jogo amigo!