Karma Reset Point

I’m pretty sad about this item actually . Because there’s someone stay at observer bridge and kill every people that pass by the bridge going to observer mobs . He can kill people without worried about negative karma . he can repeating this thing again and again without any issue And I’m the one that have been given a hard time to do a weekly observer quest . He just camping me without reason . Please I wan u banned this guy ign Dybuk for power abuser in this game they make us like a trash . please delete this recipe ty.

Hi you need a lot of materials and 1.000.000 gold for resetting your karma, it’s not something you achieve easy.
Try to change to server if that happens of ask in global chat if someone could help you to kill him.

I was against the whole karma reset potion thing as well, but the gold required makes it reasonable. Unfortunately, there are other, cheaper ways still of resetting karma.