Jud's Jewel Storm Event (Mishaps + future stuff)

Hey, I’m back again!

So, a few things from October:

  1. Everyone was really eager to participate in this event. Thank you, everyone! I had a lot of fun.

  2. I did not inform anyone that I was going to start selling earlier. I just had too much space for the jewels and stuff.

  3. The jewel awards arena event was canceled last moment. Sorry to those who were looking forward to it. That kind of stuff needs more people to organize than I thought. So, in future events, I might need a guild to perform this (Pm me to learn more). I’m currently in a guild but I might make my own so I can do better quality events.

Future events:
After some preparation, I will be providing scrolls for half of the crafting price. 500g

Also, Thanksgiving is coming up so there’s that. C;

Thanks for participating and stay tuned for more updates

(Just to be sure you should know: these are -unofficial- events By Jud. These events, in no way, come from Laurum Online itself or its amazing team)

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