Ive lost all my gear

I want just said that when im connecting on my account,all equipment who was on me and in my set was not here,Ive just my teleport patches and my skills now :confused:,i hope thats just a bug and not somethings others,please,regular this problem most rapidly.

hi what is your IGN? what was the last day that you logged in and you have your items, and the day you logged in again and didnt see them?
it’s impossible that anything like that could happen are you sure it’s the same account? have you checked the bank?

The last day that Im logged and i see my items was Friday 22th November 2019 and the day Im logged again and didn’t see them was the Saturday 23th November 2019 (The next day),now,ive just my skins and some skills on me,all rest was disappeared,my hunter weapon lvl.90(epic),integrality set hunter lvl.90(rare),potion hp and mplvl.90(rare),ring and necklace lvl.30(rare).Ive just some skill wizard and other items useless.
And my gold,before,i have 5 000 000 gold.
Now,Ive just 50 000+ gold.
I hope thats not other thing and thats just a bug.:confused: