Items disappear while locked in upgrading panels. ( poll ) Please vote :_:

I’m creating this post to see what people think about it. I’ve already lost 2 items from the fact that in the past you had all items you wanted locked and everything was fine, you could upgrade anything without thinking of it if item on which you’re currently operating is locked or not, and if it can be sold by mistake to npc or not by “Sell all unlocked items” option.

So today I lost my second item and it made me angry :slight_smile: after some time I realised that an item which I was upgrading wasn’t locked and it just got sold to npc for some few coins.

Second connected thing is need to unlock every locked jewel while upgrading, that’s archaistic.

What do you think of disappearing all locked items in upgrading panel?
Is it needed to avoid mistakes in upgrading or it’s just not needed feature?

  • Yes I would like it to be deleted.
  • I have no opinion.
  • No, I feel well having this function .

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