Item sold accidenttly npc

please alk i have same problem as crunchie player. today 3 of november 2019 between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm Brasilia Brazil time, I ended up selling 2 +500 equipment, a sword and a shield by accident to the npc. and couldn’t recover in time. Please return me my items as you did with the other player.

“If they do not return my items I will delete my account and request a refund
Of the more than 300 reais I spent on gems”

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Storm esta aqui para ajudar ou que?

Whats this @Rodrigo_Seek? Why would you threaten us for a simple mistake you made?

Do you want me to refund your gems instead?

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why stormbeat told me that you warned him that he could not retrieve the items. and I already noticed that you recovered to another player. because then if you don’t recover for me i would give up playing and would want my money invested in the game back. but for now I want to keep playing and I’m here to ask for help getting my items back.


seek , eu sempre ajudo o pessoal no canal BR sempre quando eu posso.
oque aconteceu hoje voce esta a tentar brincar comigo e o alk, e isso nao funciona assim.

tudo isso poderia ter sido resolvido se voce teria pedido normalmente.
voce foi silenciado no discord por tempo indefinido.


seek, I always help people on BR channel whenever I can.
what happened today you are trying to play with me and alk, and it doesn’t work that way.

All of this could have been resolved if you would have asked for it normally.
You have been muted in the discord indefinitely.

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This is insane… sometimes people forget this is a game.

Why would you try to damage the image of one of our mods if all he tried was to help you? Yes, he posted PM with you but all he was telling you was to send an email to our support so we could look into it without forgetting about it…

Take this as an official warning, I won’t tolerate this kind of behaviour from anyone including towards our moderators that all they do is try to help you and be there for you because you guys were not capable of reading the #info channel.

In regards to the items, I found them, but I will need you to publicly apologize with everyone in Discord before even thinking on giving them back to you. We are here to fix a problem you generated, it was your mistake, not ours nor Storm’s. All we want is to help you and all you did was threatened us and then go behind my back and post lies to get some attention.

What a shame to see one of our Top 30 players behaving like this… I expected more from you @Rodrigo_Seek, I really did… All you had to do was ask nicely

Ref: 7068333, 8858300


Can you return my items now please?

Yes, I’m working on it - apologies accepted.

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Both items should be in your bank now - please answer this post ASAP to confirm you got them.

Next time, think twice before going personal with one of our staff members, especially if they are helping you.


The items are back. Thanks.