Item drop augment

I’ve been having a play with item drop set vs non-drop. Tried 400 kills on sandguards on N3 with 0% and 92% sets (400 of each) and saw no significant difference. For either gear drops or for stones/dust.

Acknowledging that I’m neither games tester or statistician but if nothing else it would be good to know how the mod works. It certainly doesn’t (from this limited simplified test) appear to double (approx.) drop rates for everything as one might have naively hoped! Of course this was only a small ‘test’ but nevertheless one might have hoped for discernible difference given the 0% vs 92% disparity.

I’d done this because I hadn’t experienced an increase in drops that I might have hoped for in the aforesaid drop rate in RH when farming mats using a ‘drop set’; hence thinking I should try and check in a slightly less random manner.

Anyway I’d be grateful for any feedback around the mod and the mechanic; even if it’s simply that I’ve completely misunderstood how it works. Thanks as always.

I have also tested this mod and I have seen other players commenting that this drop bonus does not work, it is a waste of time to make a set with these bonuses

So item drop is literally useless?

Not works just as it says at 100% item drop youll have a 2% chance to get a item that use to be 1%

How about the item with 10% chance? And my gear is 100%

it would raise to 20%