Is the new quest structure the end of cooperative play?

With the addition of item requirements in quests, pick-up groups look to be a thing of the past. When each person that is added to a group means more time is required to complete a quest, why party up?

Don’t get me wrong, I spend a lot of time soloing, but there are other factors to this. The quests take longer now, and requirements aren’t balanced. The result is that a lot of people need to camp the same mobs for a much longer period to complete a quest. The map suddenly feels a lot more crowded even with less players.

If you want to be efficient now, you kind of have to be a dick. Used to be if I wanted to complete a quest in an area others are, I could choose to be competitive if I wanted the challenge. However, if I wanted to be efficient and friendly, I partied up with others and knocked the quest out quick. Now, it’s kill mobs before others can (as a hunter, this is easy enough) and I do feel dickish doing it.

I don’t want to knock the new quest system. The lore aspect is great and there is more potential with this system. The current structure is destructive to cooperative play. I would suggest scaling the qty of lore items to group size, but I can already see how easy it would be to exploit that. Aside from reducing lore item requirements (or increasing drop qty), I can’t think of a good solution that can’t be exploited. How does everyone else feel about this?

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You have a good statement. Just imagine when game launches and we got 500+ players. They ain’t gonna progress. Gonna wait and see how devs gonna fix it in future

I think they are working on increasing the drop chance of the materials.

If that doesn’t work the only viable alternative is to share the collection of materials, not duplicating it, but sharing the “count” of pickup.

But I noticed the same problem as you, no one wants to party anymore.

We can make it so whenever a nearby member collects something then you get your quest progress increased by 1.

By any means we meant to destroy coop play, we are all in for cooperative stuff but I happen to forget about this part. I wont even call it a bug, more like a brainfart.

I will be posting a new post with all the tweaks and changes Ive been receiving from player reviews, including how hard quests are now, to DS exploits, typos, arena spam… etc.


Here we go 0.9.81 - Tweaks and bug fixes


Good fix Alkanov. People are friendly again.