Inventory Slot Suggestions (here we go again)

Inventory Slot

Simply now the inventory system is somewhat overwhelming (at least for me) due to the gems that do not stack, the pets that occupy a space, and the different sets (pvp, DS, pve) you have the space very very Small, I understand that you want to keep the “essence” rpg, but that gems can not be stack is a bit frustrating, at least for someone who has just started.

How to solve the inventory problem (if there is one).

  1. That the gems can be stacked.

  2. Lower the price in gems of 1 extra inventory slot (I find it incredibly frustrating that 200 gems are only 1 slot).

  3. Offer “x” slots for each rebirth.

I just wanted to know if it’s really just me that I’m a chaos of order and I’m out of space 24/7, and now that there’s going to be a balancing patch, it wouldn’t be bad to think if this needs a face lift or not.


I think a separate inventory for premium items (including pets) would be neat. Similar to how we have a tab for materials, we can have a tab for premium items and functions like the regular inventory, but only for premium items.

As for your solutions:

  1. I believe the devs have previously explored this option.

  2. Eh, this one is fine as is. Maybe drop to 100 gems per slot like the bank.

  3. This one I’m in favor of.


Like physical said we are exploring ideas. That being said, gems will never stack.

We have talked about making a craftable item like we do with gold currently. It will take X of the same gem and make it into a crate. <— this seems like the idea we keep coming back to and would just jeed to implement it when alk has some free time.

Honestly im fine with it staying 200, now that you can get gems in game everyday you can afford them more often than before. Well discuss it though.

We are discussing more incentives for rebirthing, but nothing concrete at this time.

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Just to expand on this, anything that is equipable, usable, or tradeable is unique. Essentially every item that takes an inventory slot is unique and can not be stacked. This is an important game mechanic that protects the value of your items from cheaters.

Unfortunately, this makes this particular problem a little more difficult than converting gold into bars and back again. Ideally, we want a method of parsing inventory for the components of a jewel box and ensuring the proper quantity is removed.

Instead of making it a craftable maybe you can have an npc where you can place jewels individually and it makes a perfect jewel. Ie 30 D, one by one, for a perfect D etc.

We considered that too. It requires a new UI for the NPC and it’s a little more tedious for the player, but it might be what happens.

Imo 200 is to much.

I think if it were cheaper, people would expend more gems in extra slot. For 200 i dont consider to use even free gems.

Just to do a comparison to another game i play, you can get 2500 gems on that game with a “gem mini card” for 4,99 $ and you can buy your first extra slot pack for 100 gems, that give you 5 new slots. The second extra slot pack is 200, then 300 and so on, it always give you 5 new extra slots, the game give you for free 500-1000 gems every day.

It is kind of a p2w game, but you can play it as f2p on your pace. Anyway, the starting price on that game for a single slots would be 20 gems for the first 5.