Introducing myself

Hello everyone, My name is MadeBySaints, and I figured it was about time that I got around to creating an account on the website.

I’m a game dev in my spare time, and recently I just joined the Laurum team as the Lead Map Designer.

Previously I’ve worked on projects such as The Siege and the Sandfox by Cardboard Sword as a creative art director and lighting specialist using UE4. And I’ve been developing my own game - Ringworlds, in Godot Engine, as a one man army.

I’m excited to be a part of the team, and I look forward to growing with this wonderful community.
If anyone has any questions, feel free to reach out to me on our Discord server, or send me a PM on here. I’ll try to check the web messages as often as possible, but overall Discord is the best way to reach me.

I will not answer questions about release dates, or ETA’s, or unreleased upcoming changes, so don’t waste your time.


Welcome noob, enjoy the LO.

Saints when hes working on maps

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lmao that about sums it up XD

Well, welcome anyway, we need more nub admins :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome abroud! Most of us are either nubs or jerks ;), hope you’ll find your place

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I’m gladly declare myself as nub

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I’m a jerk and a nub.