In game name: kaizenn

hello dear administration, I have a problem, I played your game and at one point they gave me a ban. I don’t understand why I have this. I did not use otherworldly programs. Despite the ban, I did not violate the rules of this game, I would like to continue playing on the account, account name: kaizenn


You were banned for botting. Server flagged you about 50 times from 06:47 to 08:14 my time. I then logged in and saw you spamming multishot in Dohat cave. I proceeded to teleport you to worms where you continued you spam multishot. Watched you for a couple minutes with zero reactions.

You were then banned at 08:18 my time and didnt attempt to log in until 11:31 my time.

Hope this clarifies why you were banned.

so I got perma ban for this?