Improvment to upgrade system

With the new system upgrade we need a ton of jewels to upgrade our itens so, its exhausting to select the item and the jewels 1 by 1, cause everytime you hit upgrade buttom, you have to select the item again.

You do it 10 times in a roll and man, feels bad. Now do it from 1 to 500 in one shot…

So, the idea of improvment here is that you could select the item and a bunch of jewels at once, doing for exemple upgrade from 1 to 15 in one shot, as long as you have the jewels.

EDIT: a fine way to solve it that i just thought is add a “lvl up to max” buttom. you select the item and hit this buttom and it will find all the jewels in your bag and upgrade it to max lvl possible.


Well you have a good point here, with new system I never upgraded nothing yet but probably will be a pain in the ass :rofl:

Wow, that’s a button and horrible, of course not, could without putting more than one jewel at a time

I got a new training stone with 2 exp mod and made it from 1 to 260 in one shot, took me 10-15 minutes :rofl::rofl:

My “luck” there was that i didnt had 150 jewels C storaged, cause i would go up to near 500 so, would be like 30 minutes upgrading one item