Improvement for gear craft

So I have suggestions how to make augments rolling better and more interesting, because with present aug rolls its very hard to get what u need. So my idea is to add smth like tiers for gear which will add more than 3 augments with every tier. And there is need a new currency to make this tier bigger (I think that old jewels mechanic where u had chance to lvl up your gear will be good) The next what u need to make your perfect gear is to lock augments that you really need, there is will help another currency that will lock random augments (for example it will lock random aug and its amount) Yeah it may seem that it’s will be OP but if you will make right drop chance for it or make events where you will get this currency it can be very good balanced. Also I think that the most mmorpg and arpg are like LEGO constructor with big amount of different details where u can make many different builds on every class and on present point Laurum don’t have necessary amount of this details to maintain the interest of grinding.

Wait… Are you trying to say rerolls are hard? Let’s settle some dust here:

1- reroll used to cost 22,5k (each reroll), comparing to its current price I’d say it became easier cuz with less gold you can do more rerolls.

2- Where is the fun on easy things? Laurum became so freaking easy to play dude… Starting with mobs experience where it used to be 5x (or even more) lower, maps revamped so you have more mobs density, AFK feature where u can be getting exp while having a nice afternoon with you girlfriend on the sofa…

3- I agree with you in only one thing. The old upgrading system. That one I miss so so much, it made my days full of joy/anger, that was really good times.

Thanks for idea anyway, but you gotta dig a bit deeper into that idea so then all could take a look :stuck_out_tongue:



  1. What you mean rerolls is easy? Are you sure that roll at least 2 mods that you need is easy? I think no, cuz of tons of useless mods and only 3 slots for it making this system like a casino.
  2. I’m not suggesting to make it easy, I’m want make it interesting cuz present crafting boring af. And as I said that you can balance it so it will not be easy
    After 170h of playing this game became boring and I really waiting for new interesting content. Yeah, I know it’s a hard work to make interesting MMO game and I’m respecting dev cuz it’s a first game that made me play so much. But what I have is: server added, server removed, now we want to add server back, easier farm for jewels, bug fixes, balance works, and last that explode my head is Rebirth cap. I don’t give a f*** about it cuz I already lost my motivation to farm exp after 170h where I do the same things. I understand that it’s really hard to work on game and I need to wait, but how long? Maybe I will already forget about this game, and will miss really cool updates