!important! cap poll!

Do you want a cap in rebirth and stat training?

  • Yes
  • No

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Let’s vote it’s very important!!!


Guys go for cap then we can have actually more balance and cool endgame content


maybe some intermediate solution?
rb with cap and training not?

Rb & training cap will make all top players be equally strong after some time …
The end of competition for who is stronger.
So what’s the point to keep playing?


Yes to 25 max RB , no to exp 1.5
Sería bueno aplicar un balance limitando los rb y el training pero no aumentando el rate de exp mas que nada por los que se esforzaron haciendo rb con la exp en x1

That is precisely why the CAP would be good. May the best move win.


I disagree on both points

No cap? Rip new player, and thats the end of this game.

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My opinion is if you want to cap, cap train but not rb. Because capping rb is not necessary for now, since almost no ppl have a will to do rb as much as doing train. More so, player with rb 17 or up

Can u imagine every rb add 10 and 4% of total stat and u want unlimited rb? In 2 month, people will do 1 normal hit all mobs in nightmare server :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, well am i playing dota 1 wtf mode?

OLD PLAYER CHOSE NO because they dont want new player catch their progress :joy::joy:

“Cap both, savethisgame!”


Fucek rufus fucek xD

Main santuy, sambil nunggu game sebelah rilis

People play this game hour and hours for upload skills and up level rebird, and players news dont make anything wanna cup in unfair, maybe can introduce cup for attack low level players example … A chart have 5 or 10 rebirt difference of another player this can’t attack in opcional pvp mode… this is method for power abused amd low leves can atack this person relax

En español, deberian poner tope a la manera en que se hace el pvp ejemplo en los rebirth o skills , una persona que tenga mucho skill o rebirth no podra atacar a una persona muy debil, sino cierto porcentaje debajo de sus rb o skills podria ser 20% de stats para poder pekear asi los level bajos jugaran tranquilos y sin quejarse. Y los que ataquen podran defenderse de sus agresores

Never, this will fuck the end-game players.

If yes, L.O. will die in this year.

Keep in mind, farm to get OP.

We need caps guys. Look at the game right now, 1,2 players can kill the whole server without anyone contesting it. Most of the guys who voted for no are the same guys who want to abuse that power. Think about a second, do you want fair pvp, fair endgame and events or you just want some guys to ruin your game experience by killing you every chance they got?.
Vote yes, make a change for the community!


esta bien la propuesta de que tengo un limite de RB y entrenamiento. y el PvP sea mas de habilidad y estrategia no solo darle a un circulo y ganar la partida como algunas personas que no tienen habilidad y votan no piensas que llegar a 5000 entrenamiento para darle solo un circulo y ganar eso seria F . si comprendes mi idea dale un <3.Si tienes habilidad para PvP mira al warrion tienes que saberlo usar y tirar bien las habilidades para ganar.

y que tambien hagan un cambio en tiro de habilidades y que sea mas por habilidad y no solo dar a un circulo

Cap wont stop high players from killing noobs, in fact once the players cap theyll have nothing to do other than kill noobs and prevent them from hitting cap. Just let players keep playing and separate them on servers, disable red skull for high rb players on normal servers, etc. Some combo of this, because noobs want to have goals and hardcores wanna be hardcore vs each other. Everyone having the same build endgame is really sad, not to mention there is no way LO will keep pumping content to make players stay for “endgame”.

Cause everyone is going to magically train to 2k stats and 25 rb…‘rolls eyes’
If they can’t pk with 1-2 people, they will pk with 5-6 and so on.
Things will just get worst so enjoy.

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