Ign: Khortex - selling for irl

This player is selling items and his account via PayPal.


He got reported at least 5 times, so i imagine this is legit to do, anyway he have many stole accounts so he will use other and do it again.

bro maybe it’s another guy trying to banish the other enemies fighting in the guild war. support to have prints this way many do it. supposedly you offer to buy something. this is not concrete proof! many fakes make this kind of complaint with enemies and this problem was aborted before reopening the forum. People also passing accounts to buy gems in another store that yes it has to be changing and know if it’s right or wrong.

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So you think we all can deal saying PayPal with people and other party sites and if someone get print of it, “oh no, it’s a prank” ?

Each username can only be used once, so faking this is not possible, furthermore, I assume that alk and the mods can look up chat logs and see what happened for themselves

Also I started the day b4 yesterday, rn rb1 lvl 75ish… What motive would I have to fake this xD? (At the time when this happened I just got to the ghost town for the first time)

The screenshot is clear, he is trying to sell for real money. I imagine that action will be taken against this user.