If the character dies he will not RESPAWN

Hi. My username is Osiriis

Going to the point, the character dies and does not reappear.

I sought help in the global chat and thanks to the community I tried the following: uninstall and reinstall the game, log in to another server, change class, and log out. However, the character was still dead and the respawn did not work.

I create a new account, the probability of the bug happening again seems high to me and that creates a great discouragement for me to play again.

Here the following evidences:

Hi, im checking this now, do not login while I debug it

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Hi, I have fixed the problem and you should be able to play again just fine.

This is a very specific bug and I don’t think you will experience it again, I have identified the issue and will be fixed on our next update v1.1.

Thanks for your patience, please confirm everything works fine ASAP so I can close this topic

Ref: (80.4, -556.6, 0.0)

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Thank you very much, everything is fine. I emphasize, thank you very much for your work.

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