I was Hacked Please help

I clicked on a link for gems and moments later I was having issues being kicked off the game then I had items missing and finally I could no long get on the game
ID: panzervi
Email: jason.hammond30@gmail.com

which link have you clicked?
when was the last time you logged in and saw your items, and the time you realized that no items were there anymore?
it’s almost impossible to happen something like that…

It was a link for gems, unsure of exact website ( yes I know I was dumb for clicking on it… ugh) and maybe the 2 don’t have anything to do with one another. I can log on my phone just fine and play but when I get on the computer to play it won’t even allow me to log on. There used to be several servers to choose from there is only 1 now and I can’t even get on to it. 3 days ago was the last time I was able to get on the game through my computer, it all happened within a few hours. I did have 530 Gems the last time I was able to log on those were almost all gone and I had 163,458 gold which was all but gone when I last logged on successfully.

This was the in game server chat channel link that I followed on Friday, November 22, 2019. I my folly I entered my user name and pass, then clicked the submit button thinking I was going to receive the gems. However, I was then logged out of my account and lost my purchased gems and gold as well as my current equipment and bank inventory.

I issued refunds for your PayPal orders and the scammers have been banned

As a reminder: staff members will never ask for your password