I found someone using macro

• Name: Dayfu

• Server: n1

• Time: 8:00 PM (Brazil)

• Description: I went to the party on the ice at 7:30 pm and Dayfu was there using macro, he didn’t answer the chat, nor party and exchange requests, he always repeated the same movements, 30 minutes later I decided to take a screenshot, because I was already sure he was using macro. Everyone in the party went out to the sides and he was killed by the ice monsters, and he was dead for at least 30 minutes, for someone who was “active” using skills and everything, it’s strange that he doesn’t revive, so I’m sure he was macro.

• Image/Video:

it is difficult to move the game while working and it is also difficult to read the message especially the screen is small because I am at work, so this is what you called botting? macros,auto click etc? how u can use macros while doing ur work? i can only do for this is click laurum client then press (space for attack) (1,2,3 for skills) then back to work again and i do the same.
heres the 3rd screen shots.

sorry this is how I play while working. the time now here in the philippines is 6 am and 7 pm there in brazil. I’m sorry if I can only use skills in the game and I can’t read your message because of the small screen because I am always busy at work but I can still play somehow.
see sa link of image below.