I ain't afraid of no ghost!

Its thats time of year once again. The harvest is coming to an end and the darker colder days are drawing near. The spirits will soon walk the mortal realm once again.

Whether you celebrate Samhain, Halloween, Dia de los Muertos or anything in between, stay safe and watch for trickster spirits. Enjoy trick or treating with your loved ones, or set the table and light a candle for those who have passed.

With the upcoming holiday and releasing of the game, I am trying to plan some fun events for the end of the month. If there is anything you would like to see post below and we will try to make it happen. Please post realistic topics. I.e no posting decorate laurum in halloween decorations or give us costume skins.

That being said I also threw together a Samhain theme for the forum. Gives off a pumpkin glowing in the dark.(see picture), ill make a crimson themed one later this week for those that want more horror esq theme.

Once again id like to reiterate to have a safe holiday this month.

  • If youre trick or treating make sure youre watching your children or dont walk in the road.

  • If you celebrate Samhain or Dia de los Muertos make sure candles are in a safe area where they cant catch anything on fire.

  • If you decide to drink, do so responsibly( Dont drink and drive).

  • Watch out for ghost and ghouls who may spirit you away.

Thanks for your time.

Event: Zelp the Ripper
A moderator has gone mad from the endless requests for double XP events and unban Leyton. This once friendly admin now roams the lands of Laurum with a blood lust. Will you be bold enough to end his rampage of terror?


Seasonal Boss: Maybe a Live Pumpkin that will randomly spawn around the world and that players must team up to kill. Just an idea. I know Alk doesn’t like the idea of “Add a feature that’s only active for a limited time each year” though so this might be a long shot off reality. In fairness though the Goblin event did do something like this.

Killing Spree: Teleport all active players to Arena, or make the whole world PK.
When you got killed you are out, the last standing man Wins, no party allowed.

Attack of the clones: Summon 5 Alainon the Bane, and 5 Abelot the Keeper in some area, all players who wants to participate must go to this area.
The player who kills the most of the clones will Win.

Inglorious bastard: Make 5 random items super mega low rate for mobs +70, the players who got one of the unique rare items from the mobs will Win.

Event: I am not a monster
Let me tell you of the legend of the Loogaroo. This demon is a fiercesome creature that can take it’s shape from anyone. It draws it’s power from the blood of it’s victims and many people say that those who die become Loogaroo themselves. This is not true! Those who slay this beast become it. They gain great power but must roam the land killing their former friends and brothers until they themselves are slain.

Event: All the Zombies
Most people know of zombies, but they do not know their origins. They come from islands that exist on another plane. There they are known as the Soucouyant and are brothers and sisters to the Loogaroo. They spread like a plague for all who are slain by them, become them. They seek only increase their numbers. Be wary for they may overrun the lands of Laurum.
[Starts with one player (an admin). Each person killed resurrects but can only target other players. When a zombie kills another player, they become a zombie. If zombified player is killed, they return to town (like normal death) and return to normal.]