Hp regeneration mod

Hello any can explain the correct funtion of mods 1% hp regeneration, in base of what? Mi life point max or what, and how many second regen life, and regenerate life in afk mode or when i am attack monsters , i dont know this. Thx for explain me sorry for the inconvenience. Thx.

The formula of HP regen is this:

First we calculate the hp regen %
HP_regen_percent = 0.5 + HP_regen_mods

Then we use this formula:

MaxHealth * (HP_regen_percent * (1f + (HP_regen_while_stationary / 100f)) / 100f))

In combat mode(you see two swords behind your hp/mp bar) it is regen every 5 seconds.
If you are under the effects of poison burn or bleed, the time is not 5 seconds but 7.5 seconds, until your effect is gone.

Without combat mode it works every 0.5 seconds.

Notes; HP_regen_while_stationary initilaly is zero, until you are using corrupted lazuli enchantment


Yeah, eat that corruption to heal.