How does training work?💪

Sou paladino e quero investir em treino mas não sei como funciona.
Exemplo: quando eu aumento meu STAM meu HP não aumenta, o que tenho que fazer?

Please write in English or use google translate at least.

The stat training applies to your base stats + your rebirth stats

So if you have 100 base STR and 20 from RB, then you will have 120 STR
Then apply to that your % of your stat training

So with that in mind, imagine that you have 20% of str training then
20% of 120 is 24, so your final stat will be 120 + 24 = 144 str

The stat training does NOT apply to stats added by the equipment

How many STAMINA do you have with Rebirth and LEvel points, without equip
And how many % of stamina training you have?

So in conclusion the general formula is::

Base stat(Level Points LP) + Rebirth Stat(Rebirth Point RP) + % added by stat training = Total stats (To this then apply your equipment stats)

para voce treinar precisa equipar uma pedra de treinamento
aqui esta uma lista de pedra

With regard to rebirth points I don’t have stamina, so my stamina training doesn’t interfere with the character’s HP?

You have 0 stamina points buddy

I think I wasn’t clear enough

Training stats apply to your STATS, you have 0 stamina, look your points distribution…

Based on your points dsitribution you must train INT/DEF and MDEF, because you assigned your point to that.

The 11 STAMINA that you have is from equipment, the equipment stats is not affected by training

Only affected is LP or/and RP

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