Help , gear broken bug

a bug happened to me, I was putting a rare saphire in my book with 2 exp, and my book broke! Please, it took me a long time to get it, I play several hours a day, and I already put a lot of credit on the game, I really like the laurum, return my item!

What bug? You basically enchanted stuff in the wrong order right?

look i can’t say, i just put the items and my good item broke. can this be called the wrong order or wrong attitude? whoever struggles playing would like to lose an item?

I just hope that my item is returned and that it improves this weapon system, otherwise I will be unfortunately abandoning the game. :disappointed:

Wrong order, unfortunately, the game has all the mechanism to avoid these mistakes and we won’t be returning any items due to it.

no not friend, i’m a programmer, and i know i could have more protection for items. as well as the buyback. I put a hunter’s arrow on the machine, to improve my wizard book, this is not a bad will or a mistake of mine. you can’t just accuse me of being wrong. if it persists, I will ask for reimbursement on paypal of everything I invested in the game.