GvG - A new era

On this update, we are looking to incentivize players to be part of a guild. We know there are tons of players out there wanting to PvP without karma penalties or item drop risks so we introduced GvG.

Right now we are testing player behaviour but we would like to add meaning to this war, possibly guild factions and some sort of guild leaderboard (maybe?).

As we are close to launch I have plenty of things to fix/tweak while we hear your ideas, so if you have any GvG one, let me know below :slight_smile:


This could open up Guild EXP depending on the kind of event we come up with.

Some ideas for inspiring:

-Could be factions, like faction A, faction B and neutral faction.
Here we can have two ways of implementing this:
You could choose a faction (every sunday maybe and you will have the whole day to choose) but the factions always should be balanced in number of guilds so you will not have an unbalanced number of factions out there.
The guilds who doesn’t choose a side will not participate at all and not receive rewards in case that we have rewards.
Another one is to have the factions random assigned with a nice matchmaking system so the two factions will be balanced between them based on a good algorithm and ranking.

-The killing event could be only a few days a week instead of every one hour, or maybe between 3 hours so every 3 hours you will have 1 hour that you could kill everyone(or whatever number that makes ppl happy)

-Could be have some special GvG events or quests.

-Rank system, every time you kill players of other faction or things like that(doing quests) and based also in whole gold of the guild/whole rb/whole hours played) you could have a rank in game like a leaderboard, later on the first or three first guilds of every faction will have some reward

-Implement some in game system to manage guilds better, like searching, recruiting open and requirements to have open entry to apply to guilds etc like any other game out there, could be with some GUI or with an NPC in city like the broker/market, also promote, demote, transfer ownership, etc. Take ideas from Clash royale or Clash of clans

-Guild bonuses like better drop chance or <insert something here to win/earn> to apply to the guilds winners(nothing about gold and exp please) this will increase the bridge between noob and pro guilds

-Lower the guilds to 15 or 10 people, 20 is too much.

Basically guild vs guild vs non guild.
Event take place once a week.
Pk event in arena. Team of 5.
Best team wins 50% gold drop bonus for 1 week.
Either a guild wins either non guilds.
Registration of teams take place on forum.

P.S. if a non guild team wins, bonus only applies to the winning team
If a guild team wins, bonus applies to all guild

I think we must focus on automatic system without the participation of the staff.

IMHO I would not mess up with exp or gold with GvG. We already have a situation there with gold, and the exp should be only saved for time to time events.

But keep posting, we need ideas! :alien:

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Room 5v5 can set date and time or not,
20 minutes of play, guild that kills more exp gets to dominate one of the game’s city, taking another’s city can also happen after 24 hours

More rewards is up to you

I also thought of 30 starting mijuros but this time at 10 appear all the bosses of the game and PvP to, all kill them and then return to combat, this can serve to show that they can be friends even being different guild

Sala 5v5 podendo marcar data e hora ou não,
20 minutos de partida, guilda que matar mais ganha exp para dominar uma das cidade do game, tomar cidade da outra também pode acontecer depois de 24 horas

Mais recompensas fica a critério de vocês

Também pensei em 30 mijuros de partida mais desta vez aos 10 aparecer todos os Boss do game e PvP para, todos matam eles e depois voltam ao combate, isso pode servir para mostrar que podem ser amigos mesmo sendo de guilda diferentes

Before going any further, this has been out for 3 days now, can we get some opinions regarding this system?

How did you find the current system? GvG with free karma every 1h for 1h
Can you also explain why did you like or dislike it?

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  • Create a diplomacy system.
  • What you can declare war or alliance to a clan
    If you declare a clan war, the clan tag [GEM] will be red and if you declare an alliance, it will be true.
  • Clans that form an alliance cannot be attacked
  • Clan funds that the members of the clan to do missions the clan take 1% of the gold and that the gold of the clan can be given to members who need that gold.
  • That you can conquer areas of the map and if you conquer the zone of the bonus map of exp, gold and increase of the% drop as well as regeneration of Sta Wis.
    If you are interested, you can write me in discor to give more ideas about clans and wars.

ATT: Spoiler

-Que puedeas declarar guerra o alianza a un clan 
Si declaras guerra a un clan el tag del clan [GEM] Saldrá en rojo y si declaras alianza saldra en verder.
-Los clanes que formen alianza no se podran atacar
-Fondos del clan que los mienbros del clan al hacer misiones el clan tome 1% del oro y que el oro del clan se pueda dar a los miembros que necesitan ese oro.
-Que se pueda conquistar zonas del mapa y si conquistas la zona del mapa de bonificaciones de exp, oro y aumento del % drop asi como regeneración de Sta Wis.
Si les interesa me pueden escribir en discor para dar mas ideas sobre clanes y guerras.
ATT : Spoiler```

It’s good yes but uhhh maybe we can have like another pvp status where we can only target/hit players that has guild while it’s ongoing, I accidentally killed a newbie because of my aoe skill last night and i suffered from that😂

~ Euppy

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And cycle trough 4 states? That would be crazy…

I could allow guild leaders to keep a list of guilds they want to have war with so you can target them with blue skull as if they were PK… but we will see what we get from this poll, maybe people didnt like it at all and we need to roll-back it

Room 5v5, 30 minutes from the start, at 10 minutes all Bosses appear in the game, PvP crashes and they start killing the Bosses (to show themselves if one of them has to win).
Set a date and time so that they are not facing each other directly.
The guilds can only face each other again within 24 hours. Boss prize (if dropped) and exp to dominate a city

Sala 5v5, 30 minutos de partida, aos 10 minutos aparce todos os Boss do
game, o PvP trava e começam a matar os Boss (para mostrar parceria entre elas mesma que uma delas tenha que ganhar).
Marcar data e hora para que não fiquem se enfrentam direto.
As guildas só podem se enfrentarem de novo em 24hs.
Prêmio dos Boss(se cair) e exp para dominar uma cidade

I really like this way to push pvp, but i feel it would be more rewarding if the GvG takes place on a special map, not the World map, something like the arena map, without mobs to have space to maneouver and with some kind of goal, (maybe add poles to.destroy) so for example; Ann vs Alq, Theres a pole in the middle of.the map and they have to take down the pole , when Ann takes it down, Alq have to take it, the guild that makes more dmg wins the GvG

Are you going to add like daily quest surrounding the GvG, I know it might be too early to ask and there might be also plans for this in the future ~ just curious

I’ve voted I like the idea but we need to have a meaning not only a basic PvP. Must ellaborate a bit the whole idea of GvG but the base is nice, maybe I would tweak a bit the hours and I would limit the areas(if it’s not much trouble) to only be the high lvl ones like Fire Cave/Ice/Obs/Thomb or instead having an option for Guilds to be “off” the system who really doesn’t want to Pvp.
Over there you will need to flag the guilds in some way so you could see which one are neutrals or enemies(red green).

Yo tengo una buena idea sobre la nueva era de GVG solo quiero hablar con Alkanov para darle las ideas y si le gustan.

@Spoiler, the idea of this post is that you can write your ideas. You dont need a private room to talk with me… im here :slight_smile:

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That the clans can send alliance and war to other clans.

  • When sending alliance the tag of the allied clan will turn green no they will not be able to attack on high maps and they will be able to help and defend bases.
  • When sending war to a clan the tag of the enemy clan will turn red and they will be able to kill you on high maps and they will not receive PK only exp is received by killing a member of an enemy clan and they will be able to destroy their base.
  • The clan has as a fund that collects gold through the members at the end of a mission% of the gold will go to the guild bank and the gold can be used to buy pieces to build a base or it can be given to the members who need the gold.
  • That implements bases on high maps such as ICE, FIRE, OBS and that the base lasts 24 hours during that time give bonuses to members such as:
    +% GOLD
    +% EXP
    +% DROP
    every six months at the base a protection shield is deactivated and other clans can tether it and take the base.
    it may be that every 4h the shield is deactivated, 1h to activate that shield and that other classes can attack to conquer that base.
    Put 2 defense towers of the base since the members are probably not connected to defend it and I can defend a little from the enemy attack.
  • there will be a kind of competition and fun for pvp and pve lovers
  • Put clan missions so there is more companionship.

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Why not just give the bonuses to Ann and dont bother with coding/event

ANN is the strongest I have killed some of the ANN clan

there are also strong clans like Aql and GEM among others