Guild war and activities

Guild war idea:Any guilds can request guild war to any other guilds the guild war will go on for 3 days basically 3 rounds 1st round will be boss clearence speed the guild will choose 15 or 10 memebers where they will be teleported to a area lise devil square where there will be guild war boss which they will try to defeat in the minimum time possible simmilarly the opponent guild will do the same .Remember here the levels and gear levels will be scaled to 15rb and 100 level and all stat tr level will be 1000 but for stat tr u must at least have 100 levels on the stats it means even even if u are 30 rb u will be scaled the only things that will not change is the modifiers/augments of the items u are using they will no change so it can be diverse and also the skills will also not be change u can use any skills of ur class.the result of boss beatdown will be published in guild dashboard after 1 day.So even if u did bad on your first run u can again go with different augments or skills as they are not changed and try to beat faster u have until 24 hours to beat the boss as many times as u like .In that time the best time u get will only get resgistered.
2nd round of guild war: it will also be 1 day its area controlling or area occupying based.3 areas will be said in a isolated map such as fort livra observar mountai ice camp u have to occupy this areas with ur guild mates u have to be in a certai area where u have to stand if in that area opponent guilds people are there u can occupy it nor the opponet guild so u have to kill all the opponent guild memebers in the area the more time u stay in the area the more points u will gather .all guild memebers can be participate in the match .Here also scaling will be done for those guilds in guild war.Result of this will not be published.
3rd round of guild war:This will be war 20 or 15 guild mates will be chosen and they will be teleported to a big map where all 15 members will go against another guild member the last one standings guild will be the winner of this round.
The reward for guild war will be guild will get around 4kk gold and guild experience the mvp will get loot box of 150 gear a 1kk.