Guild Storage idea

Hello, this is my first time suggesting something hear me out.

A guild is supposed to help its members as so i think we should have a guild Storage system where anyone in the guild with rank member or higher can be able to place items in it and take items out for a small fee that goes straight to the guild.

That’s the idea ^ the rest is me ranting lol

I think it will make guilds more interesting and it will help alot of new players because of donations like i always delete the items i don’t need and some have 3 augments which for new players is hard to get if this idea is employed i could just stor the items in guild Storage so my less fortunate guildies can have it for a small fee…

This way some players will be forced to donate and they will also get something in return as soon as they do.

And we can make it so that more rare items are more pricey and less rare are cheaper but nothing exceeds 1kk because we want to make it easy for members to get the items.

Ik there are items and materials in the game but this should be for just items that can be equipped or used nothing like spider venom or those random drops for making scrolls.

I think 20 slots could be enough for the start and the guild leader can choose to expand them up to 100 slots or 50 idk but a expansion option should be implemented even if it’s not by alot like 1 slot per payment.

Please comment and share your ideas with me about this.

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